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EasyCars Releases New Ground-breaking VAT Automation Tools for Motor Dealers in the UAE

24 Sep 2021 EasyCars

Dubai, 24th September 2021: EasyCars by Jeal, a world-renowned web-based dealer management system …

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5 of the biggest challenges facing Australian Motor Dealers in 2021

01 Sep 2021 EasyCars

It’s an interesting time for the Australian Motor industry. Ask any Australian Motor dealer and th…

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Learn how to automate your dealership VAT - Webinar Recap

10 Aug 2021 EasyCars

EasyCars would like to thank all dealers and accountants who attended the Free VAT Automation Webi…

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Search the Market - Free vehicle advertising for EasyCars Dealers

29 Jul 2021 EasyCars

Search the Market is a brand-new exciting advertiser available in EasyCars, and it’s absolutely FRE…

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Repair data legislation passed

06 Jul 2021 Workshop Mate

It's a landmark day for the Australian Mechanic Industry! The mandatory sharing of vehicle service…

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Can't get enough stock for your dealership?

04 May 2021 EasyCars

You may recall our biggest addition in 2020 was building the Shop for Cars website for EasyCars de…

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Xero & EasyCars Webinar Recap

26 Apr 2021 EasyCarsWeb

EasyCars would like to thank all dealers and accountants who attended our EasyCars & Xero webi…

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EasyCars Launches in the UAE

08 Apr 2021 EasyCars

Australia’s #1 Used Car Dealer Software – EasyCars – Set to Become the Biggest Disruptor to Dubai’…

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Statistics show mechanical industry set for massive growth in the next 5 years.

03 Mar 2021 Workshop Mate

Lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing have severely impacted workshops around the world. H…

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