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EasyCars Launches in the UAE

08 Apr 2021 EasyCars

Australia’s #1 Used Car Dealer Software – EasyCars – Set to Become the Biggest Disruptor to Dubai’s Motor Industry

Will completely reinvent the industry by combining ALL business tasks in one central,
easy-to-use system

Dubai, 31 March 2021: In the biggest shakeup to Dubai’s motor industry, Australia’s #1 used car dealer software, EasyCars, will provide a completely automated and cost-effective alternative to time-wasting manual and unprofitable dealership tasks. Dealers who never had access to an all-inclusive business software UNTIL NOW will benefit from automated stock control, VAT calculations, websites, advertising and accounting – cutting down expenses dramatically.

EasyCars Managing Director, Julie Peksis, said, “Without a doubt, our EasyCars solution is going to turn the Motor Industry in Dubai on its head. Motor Dealers have put up with having to manage many different systems to run their day-to-day businesses. The recent introduction of VAT then added another layer of complexity for the dealer but not anymore. EasyCars is the result of 40 years of motor industry knowledge, it will simplify the entire process of buying and selling cars in Dubai.”

EasyCars also provides direct integration to popular accounting software Xero. Through this integration, all financial data is entered just once in EasyCars and calculations like VAT are done automatically, which then get populated into Xero.

EasyCars is also investing heavily in backend integration to top advertisers like Dubi Cars and Yalla Motor. Dealers just click a button and all their vehicles will instantly be available on these advertiser websites without any manual data entry. This automation alone will halve the time dealers spend on their advertising.

Though Dubai is the heavyweight of the UAE motor industry with over 75 percent market share, recent data has shown a fall in visitors to dealerships by at least 50 percent during Covid months. EasyCars creates specialized dealership websites to generate leads and act as an online showroom 24/7. A website done right can increase leads by 30 to 40 percent.

ALL of these solutions are now made available in one centralized system – reducing the frustration and costs associated with working on multiple business systems.

The biggest benefit of EasyCars is its web-based technology. There is no software to download; no need to maintain a physical server room; and no upgrades and licenses. Most importantly, dealers and sales teams do not need an IT degree. Anyone can learn the system within a day.

EasyCars has appointed Thuhleef Pullangadan, an experienced business professional to run its brand-new local office at Dubai Digital Park. Thuhleef has worked with multi-million-dollar companies like Tata Motors and Vodafone in Dubai and has strong understanding of software, having helped several businesses reduce expenses and improve ROI through digitization.

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About EasyCars

EasyCars is the most widely adopted car dealer management system in Australia among the used car industry. The software is designed, built and operated by Jeal, an Australian company with over 40 years of experience in the motor industry.