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Our Company

We are an innovative, successful family-owned business trading since 1983.

We are dedicated to continuously providing highly customised technology solutions to Automate, Simplify and Grow our chosen Industries, which include Automotive and Food / Beverage.

We manage and support over 1200 happy clients today.

Jeal Team

Motor Industry Solutions

Thirty-five years in Technology and the Motor Industry has allowed us to get dealers excited with the only third generation true web-based Dealer Management System in Australia. The EasyCars solution by Jeal. A simple and yet powerful solution replacing expensive IT structures and the support framework necessary to run them.

Jeal is working towards a collaborative Motor Industry Hub allowing Motor Industry suppliers to integrate through the Jeal platform giving Dealers access to everything Motor all in the one spot.

Our Team

Our teams work together with one focus in mind, and that is how to assist our customers and help them grow their business.

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        The Office Therapist
      • Julie Peksis - Director

        Julie Peksis

      • Michael Jeal - Director

        Michael Jeal

      • Kirsten - Project Manager

        Kirsten Payne

        Project Manager
      • Chuming Wu- Lead Developer

        Chuming Wu

        Lead Developer
      • Hans - Software Developer

        Samet Aktas

        Software Developer
      • Hans - Software Developer

        Scott Chen

        Software Developer
      • Thushanth - Software Developer

        Thushanth Sivaratnam

        Website Designer
      • Alex - Technical Support

        Alex Cook

        Quality Assurance
      • Carolyn - Support

        Khat Malek

        Customer Support Manager
      • Tania - Sales Manager

        Tania Jeal

        Sales Manager
      • Tegan - Sales Rep

        Tegan Jeal

        Sales Manager
      • Tegan - Sales Rep

        Bronwyn Balint

        Sales Rep
      • Rhea - Content Specialist

        Tristen Ellis

        Marketing Specialist
      • Cheryl - Receptionist

        Cheryl Beale

      • Cheryl - Receptionist

        Fabrizio Alessi



We currently do not have any open positions.