EasyCars integration with Facebook Marketplace

09/11/2018 EasyCars

Facebook Marketplace for Motor Dealers

Anyone selling and buying goods in today’s digital world will know about Facebook Marketplace. For…

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ASIC enforces regulation changes to finance in the Motor Industry

30/08/2018 EasyCars

November 1st is the official compliance deadline for the new rules set by ASIC

It’s no secret that …

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Another Successful Story – BOTS Auto

21/08/2018 EasyCars

“My business partner Jason and I started a new age car dealership in Queensland called BOTS Auto in …

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How Can You Double Your Leads, Sales and Profits by Using Redbook Data?

30/08/2016 EasyCars

Online advertisers like carsales.com.au, Gumtree and Cars Guide expect YOU to provide vehicle inform…

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Introducing EasyAD

30/05/2016 EasyCars

EasyAd – Marketing for vehicle management online

Cars – Trucks – Bikes – Caravans

EasyAd is a revo…

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How Car History Can Help You Bring More Visitors To Your Website?

10/12/2015 EasyCars

Lead Generation

Websites made easy developed a unique groundbreaking LEAD generation Tool available…

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Is Your Website Selling You?

03/08/2015 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Phone: (02) 9623 6403 Email: sales@jeal.com.au

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Final EasyCars release for Government form compliance

23/06/2015 EasyCars

The NEW EasyCars has been released

Major changes include:

  • Final Government legislation changes t…
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1st of May deadline for Form 5

27/04/2015 EasyCars

As of the 1st of May all NSW dealers must use the new form 5. The transition period has ended. 1st o…

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Government Legislation for the Motor Industry. Are you up to date?

26/03/2015 EasyCars

Dealer Management

Easycars combines vehicle management, sales, Government legislation, advertising,…

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EasyCars VS UltraLite

17/03/2015 EasyCars

We have known each other for some time now and I think it’s time …
It’s time you knew what you are mi…

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New update re Fair Trading Compliance

12/03/2015 EasyCars

As of the 1st of April you will be able to buy PPSR reports through EasyCars for $6.25 plus GST.


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5 Real Reasons Why You Should Move To A Responsive Website

02/03/2015 EasyCars

Jeal provides the latest technology dealer websites that produce Leads! Jeal Websites integrate with…

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Changes to the NSW Motor Industry Forms have commenced

24/02/2015 EasyCars

Detailed changes to the NSW Motor Industry can be found in the link below:
Fair Trading NSW Motor In…

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Changes to the NSW Motor Dealers Regulations

03/12/2014 EasyCars

There are some major changes to the NSW regulations for Motor Dealers.

These changes came into effe…

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New Responsive Websites Out Now!

10/09/2014 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Check out www.bestdealmotors.com.au on your MOBILE PHONE, then check it out on your desktop

How goo…

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New dealer accounts get 30% off ALL Car History Reports for the first 4 weeks

19/08/2014 EasyCars

The best sales tool for car dealers since commission!

But wait, there's more….

  • FREE Registration…
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Access EasyCars from Anywhere at Anytime!

19/06/2014 EasyCars

Advertise your stock Anywhere at Anytime

EasyCloud is the fast, simple and affordable way to instan…

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Are you claiming the correct tax credits or paying “The Tax Man” too much money?

27/05/2014 EasyCars

Notional input credits – Get it wrong and you could be loosing big time.

When the ATO audits your y…

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FREE Photo App – iPhone & Android Smart Phones

08/04/2014 EasyCars

The newest, easiest way to send and manage photos for online advertising … and its FREE as part of y…

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation at Websites Made Easy

06/03/2014 Websites Made Easy EasyCars

SEO is simply realising the potential of your website using the power of Google. Everyone Googles ev…

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EasyCars … The only way to manage your Ads

11/02/2014 EasyCars

1. Easycars Simplifies and speeds up your online advertising. Click here to find out how.

2. Sign u…

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Car Dealers Beware…

13/01/2014 EasyCars

Notional input credits – Get it wrong and you risk prosecution.

We recently started an informal sur…

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Easiest & Newest Way to advertise Trucks online!

19/12/2013 EasyCars

Advertise with TruckSales.com.au or TruckWorld.com.au

Advertise your Trucks with Truck Sales or Truckworld

We can simplify the process saving you time…

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Websites Made Easy by Jeal

27/11/2013 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Not just a website…

It’s an intelligent, automated and very critical part of your sales process.


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AdWords and SEO for profitable website traffic

20/11/2013 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

If you’re in the business of selling cars then read on, this article was written for you. Does the f…

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Quick, simple advertising for car dealers

07/11/2013 EasyCars

Motor dealers need quick simple ways to place adverts online. EasyCars achieves this with ease. We s…

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Generate SALES with Websites Solutions from Jeal

12/09/2013 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

I have to share a phone call I just had with one of our very old (but very young) customers today. H…

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CarHistory Discount Deal!

06/09/2013 EasyCars

Reduce the risk when selling used cars or buying trade-ins

CarHistory is the most comprehensive veh…

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This is our gift to you!

13/08/2013 EasyCars

A revolutionary way to send photos, send advertising, upload cars to your website and generally help…

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End of Financial Year

24/06/2013 Jeal EasyCars EasyVend

Perfect time to add EasyCash Pro for your full accounting solution.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entr…
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SEO Made Easy …. Getting results made easy

29/05/2013 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Well planned websites are a critical part of the sales process in any business today – but if you re…

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Another tip from your EasyCars Team

07/03/2013 EasyCars

Car History have been working hard and spending big on advertising. We thought you would be interest…

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EasyCars goes EasyCloud

03/12/2012 EasyCars

For anywhere, anytime access!

EasyCars in the cloud - EasyCloud!

EasyCloud is the fast, simple and affordable way to instantly deliv…

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CarHistory online banner advertising competition

21/11/2012 EasyCars

CarHistory is introducing a new monthly competition or incentive for dealers. Every month we are pro…

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Advertising through EasyCars

30/10/2012 EasyCars

The advertising button in EasyCars the 5 most common questions answered

  1. Where have all my cars go…
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Websites and SEO … it’s not optional!

21/06/2012 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Congratulations to all those dealers who have moved with the times and are embracing technology. You…

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Websites, SEO in the Motor Industry… simply

20/12/2011 Websites Made Easy EasyCars

A Website is an online version of your physical car yard. As the number of physical car buyers wande…

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Advertise your cars with EasyCars

15/11/2011 EasyCars
  • Super Easy – try it, you’ll never go back
  • FREE to dealers with up to date support agreements
  • Aut…
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November EasyCars Newsletter

07/11/2011 EasyCars

How has technology changed the way we sell Cars and how can you get buckets of leads without paying …

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Personal Property Security Register

09/01/2011 EasyCars

Attention Car Dealers! We have received the following e-mail from Sharon Sheather from Carhistory.co…

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Customer Treatment Trumps Price

17/12/2010 EasyCars

The manner in which customers are treated by the dealership is more important to overall new vehicle…

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November EasyCars Newsletter

09/11/2010 EasyCars

What’s Happening?

  • The industry appears to be improving considerably. Many Dealers have adjusted t…
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Excel year after year regardless of market economics

17/08/2010 EasyCars

It is not totally that their personnel are any better than any other.

True, human resource manageme…

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List Your Vehicles On Your Own Website

05/07/2010 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

What is this about?

With the latest trend of buyers no matter what industry people tend to look onl…

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Income Focus for EasyCars

20/05/2010 EasyCars

We all agree that Mechanical Workshop growth and profitability is primarily dependant on increasing …

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Car Dealership Security

22/03/2010 EasyCars

A recent story reported by Dealers Edge Headlines prompts us to revisit the issue of security in dea…

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