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Statistics show mechanical industry set for massive growth in the next 5 years.

03 Mar 2021 Workshop Mate

Lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing have severely impacted workshops around the world. However, the doom and gloom looks set to change. A recent study  showed that the automotive repair and maintenance industry is projected to grow by over 6% by 2025.

The data found in the study underlines that the growing demand for automobiles linked with the lowering average age of car ownership as the catalyst for the surge in demand.

Used car sales have been in unprecedented demand in Australia due to conservative customer spending in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With used cars sales growing, the demand for service and maintenance will only follow. Used cars require more TLC largely due to age, but more importantly to keep the vehicle compliant with the ever-changing car safety standards. This spells good news for those in the automotive mechanical industry as demand looks to grow significantly.

Tips for keeping your workshop ahead:

Tip 1: 5-star customer experience:

Customer satisfaction is crucial for all workshops. Providing an exceptional customer service will lead to customer trust and more importantly customer loyalty. Loyalty is key for workshops as this would give you key recurring revenue every time the customer needs any type of service or maintenance.

Hot tips:

SMS reminders: Remind customers when their car is up for a service. A simple SMS reminder can show the customer that you are looking out for their best interest. This would create loyalty and keep them away from competing workshops.

Honesty: Once you have inspected the customers vehicle, be honest with any associated costs or works that need to be done. Nothing infuriates customers more than additional costs they are not aware of. A simple explanation of the works required and a reasonings behind the cost would build trust with your customers.

Provide a wow factor: Customers are very particular with their spending. Providing something out of the ordinary can create a great point of difference for your workshop against your competition. A wow factor could include adding a complimentary scent diffuser, a quick wash of the outside of the car or a exclusive special offer promotion. 

Tip 2: Increase efficiency:

Time is vital for everyone. Bookings and completion times should be as accurate as possible. Customers who arrive to the workshop and find out their car may still be an hour or so away from completion could create a major disappointment, anger and infuriation. Sometimes things don't stay to schedule but if you are running late a simple automated SMS could be a solution to keep the customer in the loop removing the shock factor upon arrival.

Tip 3: 5–star online presence

Workshops who don't have an accessible online presence would be leaving the door closed to large amounts of potential customers. The web is the best tool that can be used to find customers who may not know about your workshop.

Online web essentials:

  • Personal website: For customers to view and enquire about all your services.
  • Social Media presence: Social media is the largest hotspot for traffic on the web. This gives you the largest online community linked with personal messaging services so you can respond to potential customers on the spot.
  • Google Reviews: Customers want to know the reputation of your workshop before putting their beloved vehicle in. Google reviews is the best tool for potential customers to hear your success stories and testimonials.

Tip 4: Workshop management system

To keep on top of your day to day tasks, the best tool for workshops is a web-based workshop management software. Workshop Mate automates all the everyday tasks of running an automotive workshop - giving you more time to focus on growth.

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