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EasyCars Releases New Ground-breaking VAT Automation Tools for Motor Dealers in the UAE

24 Sep 2021 EasyCars

Dubai, 24th September 2021: EasyCars by Jeal, a world-renowned web-based dealer management system has released a new range of VAT automation features designed specifically for Motor Dealers in the UAE.

Since inception in 2018, VAT has been a common frustration for motor dealers and accountants in the UAE. The latest features have been created in direct response to the feedback received from various motor dealers in the UAE.

The latest release of features will almost certainly ensure you not only comply with VAT rules but also help make your business work more efficiently.

The latest features released include:

  • Ability to create & email a bank/finance quote with attached documents such as customer ID’s
  • Ability to print Commission invoices for consignor, now excluding extras.
  • Integration of Algodriven vehicle data for more consistent matches on GCC vehicles
  • New Stock document category to ensure VAT compliance is followed & necessary documents can be retrieved for auditing purposes.
  • New VAT document control reporting features.

EasyCars Managing Director, Julie Peksis, said, “Without a doubt the EasyCars solution is changing the way dealers in the UAE operate. For far too long dealers have had to struggle with the complexities of VAT. EasyCars has listened to the frustrations experienced by dealers and we have released a very exciting solution that removes the common frustration of VAT”

The EasyCars process is simple. Once a vehicle is entered into EasyCars, the system will automate VAT calculations, compliance, and reporting.

Along with VAT features, EasyCars includes everyday dealership needs like Stock Management, Automated Advertising, Business Reporting, Integrated Accounting, and Dealer Websites.

EasyCars is customised to what you need and sell. You’ll only ever pay for what you use!

No expensive installations or upgrades - just a laptop and the Internet needed.

To find out more about EasyCars or to set up a free demo, contact Thuhleef Pullangadan on 0545 086 000 or

About EasyCars

EasyCars is the most successful used Car management software in Australia and now expanding operations to help Car Dealers in the UAE.

EasyCars goal in the UAE is to consolidate and automate a dealer’s day to day time-consuming tasks into one simple solution. This includes stock control, VAT, Advertising and Websites. Everything related to buying and selling cars.

Over the past 38 years in the dealership software industry, we have never ceased listening to dealers, their feedback and contributions have been invaluable and have helped us to complete the ultimate dealership software, EasyCars.