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Xero & EasyCars Webinar Recap

26 Apr 2021 EasyCarsWeb

EasyCars would like to thank all dealers and accountants who attended our EasyCars & Xero webinar on Friday, 16th April 2021.

EasyCars would also like to offer a special thank you to Xero's Partnership Manager, Elliot Spirrett, for his time, insights and advice on Xero and the integration with EasyCars.

We've have put together some of the key takeaways from the webinar as well as the complete 45-minute free webinar.

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What EasyCars and Xero can do together

EasyCars manages every aspect of a dealership’s business of buying and selling vehicles while Xero manages all other accounting items like electricity bills, rent, wages etc. Bringing the two together automates 95% of admin tasks in a dealership. Data is shared back and forth between the two systems every time the sync button is pressed.

In more detail:

  • All sale data is synced to Xero, including trade-ins and all forms of payments and refunds.
  • Any vehicle expenses entered against vehicles, such as repairs and registration costs, also sync across to Xero – meaning no need for any double data entry.
  • Any vehicle sales entered in EasyCars get automatically synced to Xero.
  • Any stock purchase records will also automatically sync with Xero.
  • The result is your financial system having a full and accurate overview of your businesses income, expenditure, and most importantly, its profit.

How can motor dealers take full advantage of the integration?

  • Use STP for complete ATO compliance especially when it comes to regulation changes.
  • Use Hub Doc to electronically store expenses and costs (which is an ATO requirement) – eliminating the need for paperwork filing (this has become a hugely valuable tool in Covid when many dealers and their employees were operating out of home instead of their yards)
  • Use EasyCars or Xero to input data once and sit back as the two programs communicate with each other in the backend while you focus on growing leads and sales – which are possibly the two biggest priorities for your dealership.

EasyCars is Australia's only Xero accredited Dealer Management System. EasyCars and Xero makes it easy for motor dealers and accountants to manage their entire a dealership accounting.

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For more information on how EasyCars & Xero can simplify your accounting contact us on 1300 473 744, or enter your details below.

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