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Websites, SEO in the Motor Industry… simply

20 Dec 2011 Websites Made Easy EasyCars

A Website is an online version of your physical car yard. As the number of physical car buyers wandering into your yard decreases, the number of car buyers wandering into your online car yard increases… That’s if they can find you.

The motor Industry has never known change like it has experienced over the past five years. Changes in industries always present opportunities and challenges. The objective for dealers is to evolve and excel in the face of change. Unfortunately this is where many dealers fall by the wayside – change is simply too hard and too foreign. Other more entrepreneurial dealers find ways of taking the share of fallen dealers and some. We have got to face facts; almost all car sales originate from the internet some where along the sale process.
Your objective is to replace all those physical prospects with online prospects. This will ensure your future in the new marketplace.

O.k. so now you accept the fact that you actually need a web presence, what else is critical to a successful future in the motor industry?


SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. It simply means to optimise your website so that potential car buyers can find your website when they type in relevant search terms into the Google’s (or other search engines) search bar.

For example; if you are a car dealer in Parramatta and you specialise in 4 Wheel Drives, do you think you should appear on the first page of Google when someone types in 4WD for sale Parramatta? I would!!! If you do appear then you either have SEO covered or you are lucky that you don’t have opposition in your area.

As the general public grows more and more computer literate they become far more intelligent about their vehicle purchases. Quite often they have researched enough online that they know what type of vehicle they want and because the internet offers them the ability to reduce their search area they further define by area. These people don’t rely on advertisers such as Carsales, Drive etc.

The objective of Google and other search engines is to give the “user” which is the “car buyer” in our case, the best relevant experience. How annoying is it when you search for “golf course in Parramatta” and all that comes up is nude women??? O.K. so that was a bad example for car dealers… I didn’t hear one complaint, but you know what I mean.

For fantastic SEO results to increase your lead generation, you will need to consider many different facets to your site. Many of these are not realistic for a motor dealer to know and have to keep track of. There are many Companies including ourselves that specialise in SEO that can manage this task for you. I will go into more detail on these topics in my next edition of “The Motor Industry online”.

Keep selling!