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Websites and SEO … it’s not optional!

21 Jun 2012 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Congratulations to all those dealers who have moved with the times and are embracing technology. You are on the path of opportunity.

The way people buy cars today is completely different than a few years ago. The industry is demanding change from all those in it. Evolve or disappear!

This may sound harsh, but it is reality… but there is a flip side.

Major change in any industry means “opportunity”. Let us help you identify your opportunity and come out the other side a lot better off.

Historically dealers relied heavily on passer by traffic and paper advertising. These two mediums are now the minor part of lead generation. At least 90% of car buyers today have consulted the internet somewhere along the line before purchasing their new vehicle. If you didn’t appear somewhere along that path, then chances are you didn’t get that sale.

Your first objective is to get in front of buyers as many times as possible before they purchase. Once you have captured their attention, quickly portray trust, professionalism and value for money. This is the area most of you do with your eyes closed when a customer comes into the yard. Now you need to portray this when they come into your online yard.

Let’s talk about the first objective… Getting in front of the buyer

Your options are:

Different people use different methods for searching for cars. Many will go straight to one of the paid advertisers and others will use Google or other search engines to find what they are looking for.

Today I want to focus on Google searches and your website.

When you search for something in the Google search bar, Google will return two types of results. The first generally sits across the top and down the right hand side of your Google screen. The background is generally cream or yellow and is usually very obvious. These results are Google’s Pay per click customers. This means every time you click into one of them they pay. Much like Carsales pay per lead. If you are interested in trying this I can give you a little help to get started.

The second results are those found in the main body of the Google page. These are organic results and usually a far better relevance to what you are looking for. This is where we specialise in getting you.

As people get more and more savvy with computers the more advanced searching habits are used. Quite often the buyer has already decided what kind of car they are looking for and so types in the type and the area they want to travel to. For example Mitsubishi Pajero Parramatta Road or car dealers Parramatta Road. In most cases people will look in two to three different places.

Your objective should be to rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms. The ability to achieve this is all related to “SEO” short for Search Engine Optimisation. You SEO strategy are as important as your business plan.

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