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Shop for Cars is the lastest online classified and it is exclusive to EasyCars dealers

15 May 2020 EasyCars

Shop for cars - new and used cars for sale

Shop for Cars is the latest dealership-only online car classified that produces leads COMPLETELY FREE – exclusively for EasyCars dealers. Built by Jeal Computer Services with over 40 years of experience servicing the Australian motor industry, Shop for Cars aims to give EasyCars dealers a huge advantage by providing them with an alternative opportunity to receive more leads.

At the start, there will be over 5,000 cars listed on the Shop for Cars website. The dealers and their vehicles will be promoted through both SEO and paid advertising on Facebook, Google and Instagram to increase reach and grow the number of incoming leads for EasyCars dealers. The website will also be used to promote the benefits of buying from a dealer vs a private seller.

So, what can EasyCars dealers expect?

  • Unlimited vehicle listings to receive incoming leads COMPLETELY FREE
  • Share dealership contact information with NO RESTRICTIONS
  • Provide car history reports to customers (if synced to vehicles) FOR FREE
  • SEO and paid advertising to produce leads at NO COST TO A DEALER
  • No private sellers listed, ONLY DEALERSHIPS

Since Shop for Cars is a website for dealers only, they don’t need to share the leads with private sellers. Dealers have the option to put as many vehicles online as possible, which could put them front and center of a customer’s mind without any major investment or effort.

Shop for Cars is not built to replace existing advertisers. It is built to help drive additional leads for EasyCars dealers – giving them a competitive edge as the market gets more and more challenging. This costs EasyCars dealers absolutely nothing.

Through a partnership with Drive On Finance, Shop for Cars will also provide dealers with an additional finance solution to help customers get approved faster. Dealers can even choose to share car history reports to get LEADS AT NO COST.

The team at Jeal Computer Services has built this to give its EasyCars dealers an opportunity to connect with more leads without having to compete with private sellers and other dealers in an increasingly difficult market. We will use our 40 years of experience in the motor industry to create a website that is not only valuable to our dealers, but to buyers as well.