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29 May 2013 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

Well planned websites are a critical part of the sales process in any business today – but if you really want to bring in the buyers you need to work on getting your well planned website in front of them.

This is achieved through well planned SEO strategies. Our objective is to get you on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for as many relevant search terms without breaking your bank. SEO is certainly not rocket science but it is very time consuming and you have got to know what you are doing. The Motor Industry is far more advanced in terms of on-line marketing and sales than most other industries. Think about how much the sales process has changed over the last ten years. Today it would be highly unlikely that more than 5% of people would purchase a car without consulting the internet.

Jeal Makes SEO Easy and affordable by bringing more ready to purchase visitors to your site. Bundle this with your well planned Website to get actual sales to complete your sales cycle. Make sure you send leads from all sources through this sales cycle for best results.

How do you know we are performing?

We measure and report results to you on a monthly basis. Here are some real samples.

Sample Dealer Number ONE told me on the 10th of this month that he had sold 7 cars so far and they came from the following sources.

  • CarSales produced 3 sales
  • Cars Guide produced 2 sales
  • His website (which has the Ultimate SEO package) produced 2 sales

Sample Dealer Number TWO sells cars and campervans on the Central Coast. He wanted to be on the first page of Google when someone searched for cars and campers in or near his area. The terms he chose (with our help) are very relative to his business. These are listed in the first column titled Keyword. The subsequent columns are his placements in Google today and then one before, which was when we started on his SEO campaign.


Can you believe that??? Before we started on this site, they didn’t appear anywhere when someone typed in Car Dealers Central Coast. Now they are fourth!!!! The speed in which you get these sorts of results does depend on how many other people want to be found for the particular KEYWORDS you choose but the earlier you get in the better results you will get.

Sample Dealer Number Three is a finance Company that focusses on the motor industry.


SEO is not the only solution you need to be successful at selling more cars, but it is certainly an essential part of your overall online sales presence.

Let Jeal help you join the growing band of entrepreneurial Car Dealers getting in control of their destiny. Call Tracey, John or myself on (02) 9623 6403. We will have a look at your existing position and make recommendations to get your lead generation in balance.

On these more intense campaigns, if we don’t get you results within 90 days we’ll work for free until we do.