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Quick, simple advertising for car dealers

07 Nov 2013 EasyCars

Motor dealers need quick simple ways to place adverts online. EasyCars achieves this with ease. We send cars to EBay,, Trading Post, Gumtree, Cars Guide, Drive, Shop4cars and more.

If you’re not using EasyCars to send your advertising, you need to talk to one of the Jeal Team today.

Here’s the top reasons to make a change.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry. EasyCars stores all your vehicle details including photos. Why would you re-enter vehicle details anywhere else?
  • It’s FREE to Car Dealers on current support agreements.
  • Its super Easy, super-fast to do.
  • Set and forget with our automatic scheduler.
  • All main advertisers are covered.
  • Try our NEW Easy Photo App for taking terrific photos with your smart phone.
  • Manage and rearrange photos with ease.
  • Upload videos.
  • One stop shop for support. We look after YOU!
  • Easy reporting to identify vehicles without photos or descriptions.
  • Glasses data for vehicle purification.
  • Create and send individual vehicle descriptions and generic Company descriptions for every vehicle.
  • Vehicles are removed automatically as you buy and sell cars in EasyCars.
  • Ability to upload cars to your website.
  • Publish Car History reports on vehicles on your website.
  • Create watermarks on vehicle photos for branding purposes.

The reasons are undeniable. Call us on (02) 9623 6403 for further information on any of the above features or to move over today.