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Personal Property Security Register

09 Jan 2011 EasyCars

Attention Car Dealers! We have received the following e-mail from Sharon Sheather from with information relevant to all our clients:

I just wanted to let you know that the Federal Government has confirmed that PPSR ( Personal Property Security Register) will commence on 30 January 2012.

This means that it is now even more important that your Dealers have their Account set up, as REVs NSW will no longer be available for them to check encumbrance information on vehicles, after 30 January 2012.

The Carhistory Dealer Report will continue to supply all the important information to Dealers to ensure that they remain protected and control their risk profile. We will deliver reports that provide national information including:

It is important for Motor Dealers to understand that the VIN Validation that conduct will be even more crucial once PPSR commences. The Australian Government has confirmed that under the PPSR Act:

“the correct VIN or chassis number depending on the vehicle is essential when making a registration and searching on the PPS Register because failure to use the correct number will result in an ineffective registration and inability to find the registration on the PPS Register. No protection is provided by the PPS Act if an incorrect VIN or chassis number is provided.”

Carhistory provides a level of confidence by ensuring that the VIN or chassis number is validated first with the FCAI before the PPSR is searched. It is now even more important that Dealers who have not yet subscribed to access Carhistory Dealer Report through Easycars, do so as soon as possible.

I am happy to extend the waiver of the initial Subscription Fee of $195 for Easycar users until 31 of January. If you would like to invite your customers to take advantage of this offer, they may complete the Application form and email it back to me, prior to 31 January, and I will submit their application without the fee.

Kind Regards

Sharon Sheather