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November EasyCars Newsletter

09 Nov 2010 EasyCars

What’s Happening?

  • The industry appears to be improving considerably. Many Dealers have adjusted to change and embraced Technology and seem to be the real winners. Expensive yard rentals are being replaced with appointment only warehouses. Not only is this improving the bottom line, but dealers are able to “get a life”.
  • Michael & Jullie hosted a stand at the AADA National Dealer Convention last month in QLD. This was our official debut into the new car market. Much of the value was in the speakers and the contacts made. We jotted down as much of the good stuff as possible. This information is at the end of the newsletter.
  • Statistics have confirmed that almost 10% of web searches are performed via mobile devices. We are will be releasing a mobile application for our website customers very shortly. You will notice the amazing increase in buyers using their mobile phones to look for cars. By creating a mobile experience you will have a better chance of capturing these buyers.


This affects all car dealers as of October 2010. From our understanding, you will not be able to register vehicles that have been written as of October 2010. This means you must check REVS, Vcheck etc before you buy vehicles. REVS & Vcheck will hand over this responsibility to a new department called PPSR (Personal Property Security Register) as of April/May 2011. We are currently working with a Company that will allow you to print a revs certificate & a VCheck cert through EasyCars. Stay tuned for an update on this shortly.

For a short explanation of the reform from the RTA click here.

What’s New?


Certainly not “the Advertising Screen in EasyCars!!!”

Recurring transactions in EasyCash Pro. This feature will be in the next version of EasyCash Pro (not this one). This will be a major celebration for some people including myself. Enjoy the extra time this creates for data entry into EasyCash Pro.


If you are not using EasyCars to send your vehicle details to, Trading Post, etc etc … or taking advantage of the FREE advertisersYou are Crazy. We can more than likely save you a bundle of money and a bundle of time! Call us and we will investigate for you… no cost… no obligation.

Check out the new Advertisers … Mycarads and Auto Showroom. Mycarads has a 3 month FREE period and Auto Showroom have a physical paper presence that replaced the Trading Post paper. Check them out at;

If you want us to set you up on these sites, just let us know.


Team changes

We have a couple of new people for you to break in. Welcome to Brad and Martin in Support and MD in programming and development. We really appreciate your patience with the new support staff.

Leads please!

Help us find new yards that need EasyCars. Look out your window (the real one not the Microsoft one) and email the name & phone number of any yard that has popped up around you in the past 3 years. For every copy of EasyCars we sell from your list, you will receive between $150 – $300 spotters fee. Email You will also be our best friend.

What is SEO and why do I need it for my Website?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. If you’ve got a website and expect it to bring you business, you need to look at search-engine optimization. Just like every company needs a business plan, you need a search-engine optimization strategy. Fortunately, it’s not rocket science.

This terminology is new and therefore has an air of mystery and complexity about it. We will remove this layer of mystery and get you working on your SEO strategy immediately. It’s mostly about common sense.

In business, location is everything — and that includes where you are on the Internet. The way people find that online location is through search engines. The higher you rank every time someone types in a product or service you sell … the more you sell.

Search-engine optimization, the art of improving your search rank, isn’t hard, but it’s something a lot of small businesses don’t pay attention to — either because they’re too busy, or because it sounds both technical and scary. More info

EasyCars Tip


When you cancel a sale, return a vehicle or make an adjustment on the vehicle acquisition or disposal in EasyCars it is important that you know what happens with the ‘Adjustment Date’. In 90% of cases you would be clicking on the down-pointing triangle near the plus and minus buttons. This will automatically enter in the acquisition date if this is a return, disposal date if the sale is being cancelled, or if it is an adjustment this will depend on whether it is an adjustment on the purchase or sale of the vehicle.

However, if the business activity has been finalised for the month with your accountant, you should use the current date today so as to avoid changing information that has been finalised without notifying the accountant.

Please think carefully about what date is the most appropriate to use before finalising a cancellation or return.

Should you ever need to cancel or return a vehicle in EasyCars please call Jeal for instructions on how to do this.

Random Joke of the Month

The Funeral

A man was leaving a convenience store with his morning coffee when he noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery.

A long black hearse was followed by a second long black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one.

Behind the second hearse was a solitary man walking a dog on a leash.

Behind him, a short distance back, were about 200 men walking single file.

The man couldn’t stand the curiosity.

He respectfully approached the man walking the dog and said, “I am so sorry for your loss, and this may be a bad time to disturb you, but I’ve never seen a funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?”

“My wife’s.”

“What happened to her?”

The man replied, “My dog attacked and killed her.”

He inquired further, “But who is in the second hearse?”

The man answered, “My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my wife when the dog turned on her.”

A very poignant and touching moment of brotherhood and silence passed between the two men . . . .

“Can I borrow the dog?”

The man replied, “Get in line.”

Jeal Products

Stop double or triple entering your stock!

Jeal is a one stop shop. You enter your vehicle details into EasyCars already, so why wouldn’t you use this data to automatically create entries into your accounts, prepare for your advertising and update your website? It just makes sense.

Websites Made Easy.

One of the most time consuming and costly exercises of websites is keeping it up to date. With Web sites made Easy, your vehicle information is kept completely up to date via your EasyCars software. As and when you buy and sell vehicles the page is automatically updated. Jeal support staff will make as many changes to other web site content as often as you like. NO Technical expertise is required on your part what so ever.

$299 start up & $99 per month is all you need to spend! Or if you want some fancy Flash items $499 start up & $99 per month.

Workshop Mate for Workshops

View our guided tour at give our sales staff a call to run through a 10 minute no obligation guided tour and revolutionise the way you run your business. It is designed to manage and enhance the efficiency of mechanical Workshops and Spare Parts Centres. WORKSHOP MATE makes your invoicing, job control, costing and stock control so EASY!

Payroll (Wages Manager)

Your wages, PAYG tax withholding and superannuation obligations are so simple with Wages Manager.

It is uniquely designed to protect employers by automating as much of the payroll process as possible in accordance with the Tax Laws and Tax Office rulings.

Calculates pays and generates pay slips for employees whether they’re on an hourly rate, a salary base or even a piece rate.
Automatically selects the correct tax withholding scale for employees based on forms they must complete for the Tax Office.
Automatically calculates PAYG tax withholdings and superannuation contributions for your employees pays.
Includes flexibility for employees with multiple pay rates, allowances, deductions etc.
Comprehensive list of reports helps you; manage your business and meet your employer obligations for tax as well as calculate superannuation contributions.
Also available is a Superannuation Guarantee Audit Report to save you days or weeks if you get a tax audit.

Accounting Software made simple for Car dealers using EasyCars

EasyCash Professional Accounting offers you a chart of accounts that includes Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Cost of Goods Sold and Expenses. The chart of accounts is designed specifically for Workshops & Car Dealers. You can now produce a full profit/loss statement and BAS report for your entire business. EasyCash Pro integrates with Workmate and/or EasyCars for a total solution.

Features Include:
  • Full Profit and Loss statements
  • Instant 3 year comparison for sales and/or profit & loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • General Ledger Transactions Report
  • Cashbook payments and receipts
  • BAS Report for the entire business
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Creditor and Aged Creditor Reports
  • Debtor and Aged Debtor Reports
  • Chart of Accounts with Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Cost of Goods and Expenses
  • Automated Journal entries for stock control
  • Ability to manage multiple bank accounts
  • Powerful & easy to use password system.
  • Ability to link in with a Payroll Package

24 Hour 7 Day telephone Support.


To learn more about Wages Manager, Websites or Accounting for EasyCars and how it can help your business, Contact our sales staff.


Tips from AADA

There were many very successful and motivating speakers at the convention. We jotted down points that we felt were important to all businesses.

Employing and motivating staff

  • Never employ staff out of desperation.
  • Don’t accept mediocrity.
  • Give bigger and better inductions to new staff. You can make them feel proud to work for your Company and it shows. Spend a whole day getting to know them and them getting to know you and your Company. Be passionate remember why you started. Let this rub of on them.
  • Thank staff for all the good things they do like coming in early or even coming in on time.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes out of the office, one on one time, with EVERY staff member at least once a month. You will be surprised what you learn.
  • Use the information you learn about each person to motivate them. Motivation is individual and should be a daily habit. You will be surprised at how motivated people can get from a simple “well done, keep up the good work!” Praise is cheap but effective.
  • Make the office a fun and inviting place to work.
  • Make bonus schemes only based on OUTSTANDING performance, not mediocre performance.

Leadership. Plan – Share – Follow through – Keep going

  • A business plan in writing is a must. If you can document your vision and the steps to achieve your vision clear enough, you will be able to share that with every staff member from your manager to your detailer. You will reach your destination much quicker when everybody understands and is heading in the same direction.
  • Follow through – Make sure you follow everything and everyone up. Unless you are driving change it will not happen. Follow through is the key to making things happen.
  • Keep going – don’t stop, don’t let people steel your dreams especially yourself. You are your biggest critique.

Sales Facts

  • Workshops close 30% more sales simply by following up on leads and enquiries.
  • Prestige car buyers travel far less than common more.
  • New car buyers want to see reviews. These reviews must have both positive and negative results to make them real.
  • Sub headings in websites are a must for easy reading
  • Instant call me and chat features becoming standard on websites
  • 70% of used car buyers get a professional Inspection
  • 30% get a Revs report
  • 8% of all internet searches is via mobile phone these days

Workshop Ideas

  • If you drive customers home when they drop their vehicle in for servicing, consider the effects of a sales person sending them home instead of the apprentice. How busy are sales people first thing in the morning anyway?
  • Before booking in a vehicle with complaints of squeaks or bumps, make it compulsory to go for a test drive with the customer. It isn’t always obvious to look in the boot for squeaks and bumps.