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November EasyCars Newsletter

07 Nov 2011 EasyCars

How has technology changed the way we sell Cars and how can you get buckets of leads without paying per lead?

Wow! This is a huge topic.

It is fact that there are now far more computers than there are households in Australia. Reviewing statistics I think it is fair to say that at least 90% of all car buyers will use the internet to some degree for finding their next vehicle purchase. This means that Car Dealers have no choice but to take their presence on the internet seriously… actually, I mean more than seriously.

Historically you paid a premium to be on a busy road which produced the majority of leads from traffic passing by. Today this equates to how much you spend on being found on the internet.

This money can be put into advertising sites such as Carsales, Drive etc or it can be invested into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your own website. A balance between the two is necessary.

As car buyers get younger they get far more computer savvy. One of the ways this effects how you market to them is how they search. More and more buyers are better informed and know what kind of car they are after. The search terms are more often like “BMW Sydney” or “BMW Parramatta”. If you can cater to
this buyer you want to be right up there on page one of Google. Don’t wait for them to choose other more expensive methods of vehicle searching like You’ll still need to compete with every other car dealer in NSW.

Work your website. Spend time creating articles of interest and stories that car buyers may benefit from. Google and other search engines objectives are to give the user the best experience (content) relevant to his search term. Therefore the more relevant and up to date your website is the more Google will like you.

JCS now specialises is SEO focused Websites and ongoing SEO for the Motor Industry. Call Jullie on 9623 6403 to discuss your website or have a look at our portfolio at


PPSR will replace 42 Revs databases nationwide. It will cover Property, Cars, Boats, Trucks, Motor bikes, Farming equipment and more. The aim is to simplify encumbrances Australia wide. Car History is the Motor Industry portal for PPSR. The Car History Dealer Report available through EasyCars currently extracts data from a myriad of Revs databases. This will automatically switch to the PPSR simplified database when it takes over.

Go to for more info.

Car History Dealer Report

There has been so much publicity about Car History’s Vehicle reports lately that we must all understand how it can benefit us all. The report covers nationwide encumbrances, written off status, clock wind backs, actual rego expiry dates, special circumstance use like taxi etc.

It’s easy to see why the general public would be interested in this but it seems that it is also benefiting dealers as well.

Some dealers are using it to protect themselves on purchasing written off vehicles, Incorrect rego expiry stickers and special use vehicles. Other dealers are making it a marketing exercise to increase the value of their cars and their
credibility. Either way I suggest you take advantage of their current free sign up (normally $199).

Check out a sample report

Get the application form

Whats new in EasyCars

There have been so many updates to EasyCars over the past 12 months that I am only going to include the topic headings. If the topic interests you please click on the link for more information.

EasyCars Tip of the month

If you purchase CarHistory reports through EasyCars, you have the ability to preview those reports in the future straight from EasyCars without being charged again!

  1. Go into the CarHistory Button
  2. Click the ‘Auto-Reports’ drop down menu and select ‘Open Saved Reports’. That will bring up the following window which will contain all the purchased CarHistory reports:
    Auto Reports
  3. Simply select which report you wish to view, and click ‘Open’open

We need your Feed back PLEASE!!!

We are about to upgrade our lead management software and our advertising button in EasyCars. There are many very intelligent and very forward thinking EasyCars Dealers that we would love feed back from. Please say now or forever hold your peace. For the rest of you just sit tight and we will do the work for you.

We are looking for opinions on things like web based access, ability to add cars that are not in EasyCars etc.

Joke of the Month


Jeal Products to make your life easier

Have a look at this Jeal Brochure for a summary of products to make your life easier:

Jeal Brochure

Top 10 Selling Vehicles in Australia at the moment

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Summary of Advertisers

Confused about who all the advertisers are on the advertising button? Want to know what they all offer? See a summary of all of them.

The Jeal Team moving into 2012

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Leads please!

Help us find new yards that need EasyCars. Look out your window (the real one not the Microsoft one) and email the name and phone number of any yard that has popped up around you in the past 3 years. For every copy of EasyCars we sell from your list, you will receive between $150 – $300 spotters fee. Email You will also be our best friend.