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New update re Fair Trading Compliance

12 Mar 2015 EasyCars

As of the 1st of April you will be able to buy PPSR reports through EasyCars for $6.25 plus GST.

Detailed changes to the NSW Motor Industry can be found here.

A price reduction for Car Dealers, almost unheard of right? Not Today. Originally $8 now only $6.25 + GST.

Jeal has managed to use the volume of all EasyCars dealers to force Veda into reducing their PPSR report price to EasyCars users.

Why did we force this decision? … PPSR certificate numbers are now compulsory on form 5’s. You cannot print a form 5 without it.

When you buy a PPSR or a Full Car History report from Veda through EasyCars, the PPSR certificate number will automatically populate the relevant field on your form 5.

The benefits of buying PPSR certificates through EasyCars are;

  • Duplicate detection. EasyCars will tell you if you have paid for a report before it takes your money.
  • The certificate number will automatically appear in form 5
  • You will receive one invoice a month
  • Easy access to previously purchased reports
  • Ability to purchase reports for vehicles not in stock for example trade ins

For more details on the form changes, on PPSR integration with EasyCars click here.

For the Veda application form please click here

To understand the differences between a full car history report and a PPSR report click here.

The full car history report has VIN Validation – The Veda system through EasyCars verifies that the VIN number you entered is valid. PPSR reports will allow you to purchase them even if the VIN is incorrect.