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How Can You Double Your Leads, Sales and Profits by Using Redbook Data?

30 Aug 2016 EasyCars

Online advertisers like, Gumtree and Cars Guide expect YOU to provide vehicle information without spelling mistakes and with correct vehicle details.

Redbook ensures your vehicle data is accurate and completely populated. This is essential for buyers to find your vehicles.

Picture this. Two dealers spend $400 a month each on Cars Guide and Gumtree. One uses Redbook and the other uses no data provider. Here’s a real sample

Advert One

Vehicle Data

Advert Two

Vehicle Data

This is a very common and a very costly mistake. If you were a customer looking for a Mazda 3 which car would you choose to look at?

This concept is further proven with If you send Carsales data without using Redbook codes, they will make you match it to Redbook. This process is easily eliminated by using Redbook to begin with.

You may save $40 – $50 a month by not using Redbook but you will lose far more than that through lost leads, lost sales and time remapping Redbook codes.

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