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Generate SALES with Websites Solutions from Jeal

12 Sep 2013 EasyCars Websites Made Easy

I have to share a phone call I just had with one of our very old (but very young) customers today. He said:

“I know it’s only early days yet, but I have to tell you I am having my best month in FIVE YEARS!…. And I think it is because of the whole new way I sell cars using My NEW Jeal Website and SEO solution as my sales process!.”
Anonymous EasyCars Car Dealer

This is exciting stuff. This dealer has only had his NEW Website for a little over a month, but he has quickly cottoned on to how to use it as his selling tool.

Check out the latest few websites we have completed and then call us and we can help you ramp up your sales process. Phone Tracey, John or myself on (02) 9623 6403.