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Changes to the NSW Motor Industry Forms have commenced

24 Feb 2015 EasyCars

Detailed changes to the NSW Motor Industry can be found in the link below:
Fair Trading NSW Motor Industry

The following changes to EasyCars are planned for release this Wednesday. Updated versions will be 4.03.643 or greater.

A summary of changes include;

  • Option to choose Redbook data OR Glass’s data
  • Forms 4 and 8 will be replaced with a NSW – Form 5
  • Forms 3 (motor Cycles) will be replaced with a NSW – Form 7
  • Form 1 replaces Both Form 1 & Form 2 (Consignment & Purchase Register/ Police Book)
  • Form 9 added for (Trailers and Towable Recreation vehicles) example Caravans
  • Compulsory PPSR certificate number on forms 5, 7 & 9. See the vehicle options page.
  • PPSR certificate number automatically populates forms 5, 7 & 9 if purchased through EasyCars (see below for details).

Note: The PPSR certificate number, search number & search date will only automatically transfer if purchased from within the EasyCars software. If you purchase certificates via a website you must manually type the certificate number, search number & date directly into each vehicles options page.

What you must do NOW – Please take action NOW!

1. If you already have a Veda account but do not purchase from within EasyCars, type your existing user name & password into the PPSR button located within EasyCars. To view a short video on purchasing certificates through EasyCars Click Here

2. If you do not have a Veda account Click Here to download an application form.
Note: Veda are currently offering new EasyCars sign ups free subscription, saving $195 annually.

3. If you have a Veda account & already use the PPSR purchases within EasyCars, all you need to do is upgrade to the latest version of EasyCars when it is released & print new forms for all vehicles.

Notes: Some Vehicle entry numbers will change if your EasyCars data contains consignment vehicles. Entry numbers & stock numbers will match from here on IF NO ordered vehicles exist. All vehicle Stock numbers will remain the same.

For information and prices on Veda accounts (PPSR) contact Ben Webb on 0408 142 007 or email

It does take a week or two for Veda to process applications and provide usernames and passwords so please do NOT wait till the last day to action this.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our team on 02 9623 6403.