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Advertising through EasyCars

30 Oct 2012 EasyCars

The advertising button in EasyCars the 5 most common questions answered

  1. Where have all my cars gone? I only have two cars advertised. When sending feed’s (stock) through to your chosen advertisers, always remember a new feed will over ride your last feed. You need to send all cars that you want advertised every time you send a feed. Why? EasyCars manages the cars you have sold and the cars you have added into so that you don’t have to. If you send all your stock simply select all cars and send.
  2. How do I get a lead source report? I want to see which advertisers are value for money and which ones need to be dropped?
    Keep track of every dollar spent on advertising!To set up lead source report:
    > Set Up > Option > Selling (Tab) > Under Leads tick small box in front of:
    Force entry of a lead source in proposals and sell screens. How to setup lead source report in EasyCars


    To View your Lead source report: available on the full version of EasyCars only.
    > Reports > Sold Stock > Profit on sold stock >Enter in dates > Tick small box in front of: Lead source

    How to view your lead source report in EasyCars
  3. Some of my photos are missing on some of my advertisements. How do I fix this?
    Click on the Resend Photos button found at the top left of the advertising screen. Select the stock with the missing photos and Create and send. How to fix the photos when they're missing in EasyCars
  4. Can I schedule sending of stock so I don’t forget?
    Yes! This advertising function is great for the busy yards! Go into the setup tab of each advertiser, at the bottom right you can set a regular feed to daily or weekly. Please remember that this function does require EasyCars to be open and the PC needs to be connected to the internet. We recommend setting the time of day accordingly or leaving your PC on.Can I set send stock
  5. My leads are slower than normal, why could that be?
    Check that everything is correct on all advertising sites regularly. Do you make sure the presentation of your vehicles are the best they can be in your yard? Are they clean and look the best they can look? It is the same with your online stock. This is the most important part of lead generation online…..presentation.