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5 ways to turn website traffic into solid dealership leads

19 Dec 2019 EasyCars

Turn your website traffic into solid dealership leads

90% of car buyers today start their research online before visiting a dealership. This is why your website literally becomes your shopfront.

Though increasing website traffic is crucial, it is far more important to improve the way visitors engage with your website. If they leave your site without taking some action, you’ve basically wasted time and money with no return.

Learn how you can turn website traffic into solid dealership leads.

#1 – Add Lead Generating Tools

It’s important for your dealership website to have crucial lead generating tools. For example,

  • Free car valuations give prospects an idea of how much their car is worth. This can increase the chance of an enquiry through your website.
  • Car history reports show that your dealership is professional and transparent – giving prospects more confidence in your vehicles.
  • Finance provides visitors with instant repayment amounts for each vehicle – once again, increasing the chance of a website enquiry.

Dealer finance

These tools let you capture information like phone numbers and email addresses – giving you a better opportunity to contact and convert the lead.

#2 – Add a Live Chat Feature

According to a Global Consumer Trends survey by ATG, 90% of customers felt that the ‘Live Chat’ option gave them more confidence in a business.

Online visitors today prefer to communicate with businesses via live chat instead of over the phone because it is quicker and more convenient.

‘Live Chat’ also lets you collect more information about customers – making it easier to convert them into solid leads. It’s literally like having an online sales rep offering a personalised experience.

Live chat

#3 – Integrate Google and Facebook Reviews

Nearly 88% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Connecting Google or Facebook reviews to your website shows visitors you’re a trusted dealership.

This helps build more confidence in your business and pushes visitors to enquire about your vehicles.

Plus, search engines are always looking for new content. So, asking for new reviews and updating your website regularly will help it rank higher in search engine results – free bonus!

Google and Facebook reviews

#4 – Automate and Link your Vehicle Inventory to your Site

When visitors come to your site, they want access to accurate and updated information.

If you link your dealership’s inventory to your website, you can automatically feed and remove vehicles without doing any additional work.

This keeps only the most accurate and updated inventory online – making your dealership look more professional and increasing your chance of closing the sale.

Vehicle inventory

#5 – Create Prominent Calls to Action

Clear and prominent call to action (CTA) buttons, on multiple pages, make it simpler for customers to communicate with your dealership.

Without a strong call to action, your visitors will not know what to do next. This means they might leave your website without getting what they need – and you will lose the lead.

In conclusion,

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