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We have updated our phone system

04 Mar 2016

Part of our commitment to our customers is continued improvement and innovation in technology. We are always working hard to improve our customer service standards and work performance.

Our new automated phone system is designed to:

  • Direct your call to someone who can help you, faster
  • Eliminate the need to introduce yourself and explain the reason for your call more than once
  • Reduce time spent on hold
  • Reduce time waiting for call backs

How it works

Upon calling in, you will be presented with a greeting and you will be asked to select the department that most suits your call;

  • 1 for Support
  • 2 for Reception
  • 3 for Sales

If you do not select a department, you will be directed to Reception automatically after a short period of time.

The system will attempt to identify your number and match it to our customer database. If it matches you will be directed to the requested department.

If we cannot match the number you are calling from, you will be automatically directed to reception where we will add your number for future call matching.

If you are directed to the relevant department and no one is available to take your call, you will be given three choices;

  • leave the queue and be diverted to Reception
  • continue to hold
  • Keep your position in queue, and request a call-back instead of waiting on hold. You will be automatically called back the second your position in queue arrives.

These choices will be offered to you periodically while you are on hold.

If you opt to leave a message and receive a call-back, you will need to enter your phone number and speak your name during the recording.

Our goal is to ensure you receive a great experience during this transition, please give us feedback so we can be sure that our system in working for you.