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SMS Service Reminders – The silent money maker for mechanical workshops

23 Jun 2015 Workshop Mate

Does reminding your customers to come back for a regular service via SMS really work?
Statistics say ABSOLUTELY it does!

There is no question that technology drives most industries in many ways. Success now depends on how you use technology to run your business and market your products or services.
Reminding your customers via an automatic SMS message has to be the MOST economical, profit generating marketing available.

Two exciting things occur when you start using SMS for reminders. The first is that your customers come in more regularly which automatically increases your sales and your profit.
The second is that customers whom would have been one off customers in the past, actually start coming back simply because you have asked them to.

This feature alone will increase your sales. Add a workshop management software package and you have the foundation for rapidly growing business.

Workshop Mate Software will deliver;

  • SMS Reminders
  • Quick invoicing
  • One touch vehicle history
  • Booking Diary
  • Quoting
  • Capricorn reconciliation report
  • Management Reports
  • Parts inventory

All of these functions and many more packaged into one EASY to use Web based system. You have access to real live support people to help you get started and to hold your hand.

Test Drive Workshop Mate software for mechanical Workshops and spare parts centres NOW at

Build your sales, your profit and your business with this one decision today

Diane Musgrave did and this is what she said;

“I cannot recommend Workshop Mate and Jeal higher!!! There are so many fantastic features I couldn’t write them all down. I now wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work. I have never been this efficient in my life. Thank you to the Team at Jeal, I will recommend your product and services to everyone that will listen.

I am a Bosch service centre and now a force to be reckoned with.”

Diane Musgrove
Bosch Auto Service NDM
Biggera Waters QLD

It’s far cheaper to retain customers than find new ones. Studies prove most customers change suppliers because they perceive suppliers are indifferent to their business. Ensure this doesn’t happen to your customers by asking them to come back again and again and again.

Sounds time consuming right? Not in Workshop Mate. Send the love without lifting a finger. We can show you how.

Workshop Mate is proudly made and supported by Jeal, software so simple it’s EASY. Phone (02) 9623 6403.