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January ’12 Workshop Mate Newsletter

09 Jan 2012 Workshop Mate

Workshop Mate Software Updates for 2011

  • Part prices can now have up to 4 decimal places. Especially useful when selling bulk parts.
  • Search by “client” in the receivables screen. Very handy for tracking receipts on previous transactions.
  • Record multiple contacts for each vehicle, e.g., Owner, Lessee, and Driver. Workshop Mate allows you to focus and grow Fleet business, lease business etc with this feature.
  • Retain a vehicles service history throughout the vehicles life no matter who owns the vehicle.
  • Save time and keep ahead of your competitors by sending an SMS notification when the vehicle is ready for pick up.
  • The most popular request by far …. “un post” or un lock a completed job so that you can make changes without having to cancel and redo the job.
  • Personalised or customised reporting. You decide what you want to report on. Every owner wants to measure different things at different times. Workshop Mate agrees and gives this feature to you.
  • Another big request … You specify the order or group that you want parts and services to be in. For example, if you would like to group a service and the parts you used for that service together, it’s as easy as choosing the order you want them to appear on your invoices. Now, it’s fully customizable (if you want it to be!)

Workshop Mate Tip of the month.

Creating a Quote in Workmate:

  1. Start a new job
  2. Select the customer
  3. Add parts/services to the job
  4. Select the drop down item ‘Quote‘ from the Order Type box
    Step 4
  5. Save the job
  6. Click the ‘Preview Order’ button on the bottom left corner of the screen
    Step 6
  7. If done correctly the order should appear with ‘Quote’ as the heading
    Step 7

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