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Don’t lose crucial workshop data to external threats

26 Jul 2019 Workshop Mate

Cyber-attacks and data breaches can threaten businesses of all sizes, small or large. Your workshop could be at risk and you don’t even know it. Learn how to protect crucial workshop data from external threats.

What risks could your workshop face?

Workshops running cloud or desktop systems could be at risk from viruses, hardware corruption, malware attacks and outdated software. Workshops that do paperwork manually risk threats from physical thefts, natural and manmade disasters.

A data breach can have enormous consequences because you could end up paying thousands of dollars in legal fees and non-compliance fines. You also risk losing customers and damage to your hard-earned reputation. The sad truth is you could have spent years to build up your reputation. Just one data breach will shatter that reputation in seconds.

How can improving your workshop data security help you?

You know everything about fixing a vehicle, but you don’t necessarily know much about data security. Dedicated data security companies can help you. Microsoft Azure is one of the most trusted cloud servers in the world with specific resources to protect and monitor client data. Workshop Mate Web hosts all its data on Azure so risks significantly reduce. Your benefits include –

  • A comprehensive and secure framework for storing data
  • No expensive legal and non-compliance fines because data is protected
  • Reduces time spent in trying to retrieve lost data
  • Protects sensitive customer information

With so many benefits, you can turn your attention to running your workshop without any disruption.

Is your current workshop system safe?

Your workshop frontend is heavily reliant on your backend so your data must be well protected. Check with your current provider how they secure you data. If you’re not happy, talk to the team at Workshop Mate and see how they can help.

Our Workshop Mate web-based system has made a significant investment in Microsoft Azure, the world’s most trusted and secure data centre. You won’t have to change a thing because we’ve already done the hard work for you. Enjoy your peace of mind!

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