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Do Your Customers Ever Come Back?

30 Aug 2016 Workshop Mate

If you don't ask them to come back... then chances are they won't!

  • SMS reminders bring your customers back more regularly.
  • SMS reminders ensures your customers actually come back.
  • Turn “one visit customers” into life time supporters
  • Make regular customers feel wanted
  • Reduce your Workshop costs.

Your Workshop Mate software can make this process easy.Simply set and forget and watch your sales soar.

It’s far cheaper to retain customers than to find new ones. Studies prove most customers change suppliers because they perceive suppliers are indifferent to their business. Ensure this doesn’t happen to your business by asking them to come back again and again and again.

Sounds time consuming right? Not in Workshop Mate. Send the love without lifting a finger. We can show you how.

FREE setup and training for all Workshop Mate customers.

Now only 11 cents per SMS. A small fee to ensure your customers remain your customers.

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