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A stitch in time saves nine

19 Jul 2010 Workshop Mate Success Stories

This saying was made for all successful long term Workshop owners like Len MacFarlane, the Dealer Principal of MacFarlane Mitsubishi.

Len recently introduced our Workshop Mate Software into his Dealership and is tickled pink with the results.

He has documented his setup experience below.

This is a must read for all Workshops considering purchasing Workshop Mate and, for all existing users looking to save more time with a bar code scanner.

“Just a quick note to tell you of our progress with the Workmate system.

In the beginning the whole task was a bit daunting…..but with perseverance and getting all the customers, vehicles, parts, services etc. into the system, it has drastically reduced our times taken to produce repair orders, invoices for our customers and job cards for our staff. Importantly, for the mechanic working on the job, what the customer requests can be given exactly to the staff member doing the job, they are unable to miss any of the customers concerns so the job goes out right the first time, with nothing missed or overlooked. From the customers perspective that is one of the most important aspects of vehicle service or repair.

With the latest development such as the barcode scanner it saves us heaps of time and it is just a matter of gathering up the parts required, a quick “pip” and the mechanic can get started on the job. Saving further employee down time. It’s a great idea and saves additional time and effort through every step of the job. Again, it does take some time to get all the parts into the system but once it’s in there, it is a breeze to add the parts into a repair order and get the job underway.

The email facility to send our customers either repair orders or invoices will also save plenty of time. It’s a great feature and as we add in the customers email addresses it will save postage, stationary etc. It will also be handy if a customer has lost an invoice, rather than printing and faxing or printing and posting it can be emailed almost instantaneously. Saving time, money and effort.

Overall, I think it has saved me a day a week in paperwork and administration to operate the workshop successfully. It produces accurate and professional looking invoices for our customers and numerous reports that can be used as business tools to improve our service to the customer.

As an example the end of the month of June, I had all the invoices in

Workmate up to date and just had to wait for the final jobs completed on the 30th and was able to charge out the last few into MYOB and printed out our statements on the 1st July and got them into the post by the 2-30pm cut off time. Something that we haven’t been able to manage…….ever!! Once our customers received the account in the mail they begin to come in and pay us which improves our cash flow position because the accounts are out earlier in the month and we are paid earlier in the month. Another saving…..another bonus.

So overall, it’s a great system, it saves time and money and gives our business a professional look and feel.

I thank you for being available at all times to listen to (and fix) any

issues that I have had. As you know I am “electronically challenged” but even with my limited computer skills, I can operate the system with confidence and accuracy. It has given our business an edge and made us look and act much more professionally.

Keep up the good work, it’s been a pleasure to deal with you.

Kind regards,
Len MacFarlane
Dealer Principal
MacFarlane Mitsubishi.
(02) 69722131.