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5 Opportunities for Motor Dealers in 2022

28 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips


It’s an exciting time for the Australian Automotive Industry! It’s no secret that the last two years have been difficult, but as we start to transition to our new way of life post covid-19 the light is finally starting to appear at the end of the tunnel.

As we push further into 2022 there are some amazing opportunities available for Motor Dealerships. Here are 5 exciting Opportunities available for Australian Motor Dealers in 2022.

1. Digital Vehicle Sales

The biggest change in the Australian Automotive Industry in the last two years has been the digital revolution. Due to lockdowns and covid restrictions, the normal face-to-face car sales process was put on hold. Dealerships had to transition to an online based trading method in order to trade compliantly and stay solvent.

One of the biggest opportunities available for Motor Dealers in 2022 is offering a full Digital Sales Process. Using online tools like your Dealership Website, dealers can offer the full sales process online without needing a customer to step foot in your dealership. Dealers can offer virtual Car tours, organise dealer finance over the phone, provide Car History & PPSR reports and fill out sales contracts online.

What makes digital vehicle selling so great for dealers is it minimises dealership expenses and most importantly expands your target market to customers both locally and interstate!

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2. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

Social Media is the largest lead generator for Motor Dealers in 2022. When it comes to social media there is one platform that stands above all else – Facebook. A brand new and exciting opportunity available for Motor Dealers is Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads are automated vehicle advertisements that serve ads to Facebook users who are in the market for a vehicle. Facebook AIAs use your dealerships website vehicle listings and Facebook data, to automatically display specific targeted ads to Facebook users who live close to your dealership.

What makes Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads such a massive opportunity for Motor Dealers is they are Dynamic. Dynamic Ads automatically stay up to date with your vehicle stock and will show your inventory to users looking for similar vehicles across the whole Facebook ecosystem.

To learn more about Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads click here.

3. Same Day Finance

Dealer Finance can make or break a sale! To get leads to convert into full paying customers your dealership needs to offer fast, easy, and reliable finance options.

One of the biggest opportunities available for Motor Dealers is same day finance. Providing customers with same day finance means customers can drive away with the vehicle the same day they attend your dealership! The faster customers can receive finance from a lender the more sales your dealership will close, it’s as simple as that!

To learn more about Dealer Finance options in EasyCars click here.

4. Electric Vehicles

Is your dealership onto the electric vehicle craze? Electric vehicles sales are exploding across Australia with many Australians are moving from the regular petrol and diesel cars to electric. A massive opportunity for all dealerships is to start sourcing and selling electric vehicles.

The demand for Electric vehicles will only grow on the back of new government incentives given to motorists. This is a great time to take advantage of the boom by investigating possible ways your dealership can source and sell high quality electric vehicles.

Before your dealership decides to start sourcing electric vehicles you should undertake the appropriate research, understand resale prices and all the different logistics that comes with electric vehicles.

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5. Expansion

Expansion is always a massive opportunity for all businesses. With the peak of the Covid pandemic looking like it is well beyond us, now could be the best time to look to expand your dealership.

Your dealership can expand your offering, look to expand into a new location or even expand your staff. Expanding your dealership brings both many advantages and disadvantages and is not for everyone. Before you decide to expand your dealership, it is important to evaluate the risks vs reward and if your dealership can sustain an expanded offering from a financial position.

Final Word,

It’s an exciting time for Australian Motor Dealers. After pushing through the dark times over the last two years there is finally some light starting to shine on the industry. There are some amazing opportunities available for Dealers and the 5 mentioned above are some of the best.

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