Do Your Customers Ever Come Back?

30/08/2016 Workshop Mate

If you don't ask them to come back... then chances are they won't!

  • SMS reminders bring your custo…
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New Powerful Tools and Features to Make Your Life Easy

30/08/2016 Workshop Mate

Unit Cost is now displayed for each line item on Sales & Jobs

A new column (unit Cost) is now s…

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SMS Service Reminders – The silent money maker for mechanical workshops

23/06/2015 Workshop Mate

Does reminding your customers to come back for a regular service via SMS really work?
Statistics say…

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NEW Simple Software for Mechanics & Spare Parts Centres

26/03/2015 Workshop Mate

No lock in contract

Workshop Mate LITE is a web based solution with EASY in mind. You can access yo…

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If you don’t ask your customers to come back then chances are they won’t!

09/09/2014 Workshop Mate

Learn the latest SMS technology in Workshop Mate to capture customer response rates of 53%

  • Tu…
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Bosch Service centres learning new ways to increase customer response rates by 53%

11/02/2014 Workshop Mate

Turn “one visit customers” into life time supporters Make regular customers feel special without try…

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Workshop Mate Goes Cloud

23/09/2013 Workshop Mate

Workshop Mate goes EasyCloud

For anywhere, anytime access!

For anywhere, anytime access!


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January ’12 Workshop Mate Newsletter

09/01/2012 Workshop Mate

Workshop Mate Software Updates for 2011

  • Part prices can now have up to 4 decimal places. Especial…
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The Time Machine (Your Workshop)

17/08/2010 Workshop Mate

Time... it's a non renewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, it’s gone forever. Your senses can’t se…

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A stitch in time saves nine

19/07/2010 Workshop Mate Success Stories

This saying was made for all successful long term Workshop owners like Len MacFarlane, the Dealer Pr…

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