April ’12 Easyvend Newsletter

EasyVend 19 Apr 2012

Huge step forward…Your EasyVend orders can come from YOUR WEBSITE!!!! Automatically! Is a handheld still needed?

New MiniVend, is it ever coming?

Development over the past 2 years has been intermittent and maybe this has been a good thing. The cost of the new PDA hand held device for MiniVend is not small, and then you need to ask how long before a new improved model is available.

To be ahead of our competition we must always be looking at new technology and take full advantage of it, but keeping up with the latest greatest device is virtually impossible & costly.
How Many Vendors have a mobile Phone?
Could we modify MiniVend to run on a phone?
Why limit MiniVend to a particular device?
After answering these questions we have turned the whole MiniVend Idea on its head.

Here’s the exciting news.
We have started the development of “EasyVend Websites” for each of YOU – this will allow online ordering.
Customers, Franchisee’s & if needed Reps can place their own orders, which will automatically export back to your own EasyVend database.
The websites will allow orders to be entered from virtually any device, iPhone, Windows phones, iPads & most hand-held devices as long as they can connect to the internet & open a web browser.
Sounds exciting doesn’t it
This huge step forward will make it easier than purchasing MiniVend. Do you still want to know “when is MiniVend coming”?

Read more about EasyVend web pages below.

EasyVend Websites

Now that all Fonterra Franchisees have come on board with EasyVend we have a huge opportunity to move ahead of our opposition.

The development of “EasyVend Websites” for each of you is now well underway.

Each Franchisee can have their own custom website.
Customers will have a logon password for security.
You’re Messages, specials or any other notifications will be displayed for your customers to see.
Tell them how good your Milk is; tell them about the New Mammoth products.
It really is a sales tool as well as an ordering system.
Your Rep could be with the customer & then place an order on their behalf after promoting a particular product.

Customer can:
Enter orders
View standard orders
Select specials
Franchisees will be able to automatically view orders being placed by customers then import directly into EasyVend, this could even eliminate the need for an answering machine.
Franchisees will be able to enter deliveries from anywhere in the world.

New EasyVend Features

Credit Limit Management

You can now exercise greater control over customers who have gone over their credit limit or are overdue in their payments.
If you enter a credit limit amount, you will receive an alert message whilst entering deliveries informing you that the customer’s credit limit has already been exceeded or the sale you are entering will exceed it. You can choose to continue with the sale or cancel.

A password can be set for those data entry staff that do not have the authority to override the credit limit.
To use this option go to the customers details screen then Invoice options, enter credit limit.
To set password click setup options then the delivery Tab, enter password.

Rebate History

Rebate history may change from time to time depending on the situation. This can be tracked & used in the sales report.

Over Due letters

Credit control and collections activities during the good times are often overlooked whereas in today’s market no business can afford such oversights.

Whether you are a small or large franchisee good credit control practices are essential for success.

Overdue letters are designed to make this process easy to perform.
For any customers needing to be included in this process and maybe that should be all customers, click invoice options on the customers screen.
Tick the box “This customer is included for overdue letters”
Under the reports menu then the overdue letters can be selected & printed.
We have 4 pre defined overdue letter templates which can be used or modified

Order Reconciliation & why it should be Used – OOS Report

EasyVend has always had the ability to track & reconcile your Fonterra Invoices. Predominantly used by the Franchisees utilizing the stock control function.

This should be used by all franchisees, here is why.
It is Easy & only takes a couple of minutes to do.
It helps to easily identify discrepancies in Fonterra invoices for products ordered but not received.
Helps monitor & report any trends with out of stock problems back to Fonterra management.

For help utilizing this function a document will be sent via email to all Franchisees
Of course call the support line if guidance is needed

MiniVend (Palm) recent improvements

MiniVend now has the capability to print invoices for new customers added whilst on the run, no need to sync back to EasyVend before producing the first Invoice.
This is useful for those cash Van sales