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Customer Testimonials
Im just emailing you to let you know that we no longer use Easycash or workmate as our business now doesn’t require this type of software anymore as we have scaled operations right back to sole trader and very basic (I love it, a welcome relief after a very busy 11 years).
Id like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the staff who have helped me and our employees back then over the years, they have always been polite, fast, professional and very thorough when dealing with any & all questions I have thrown at them and patient in making sure I understood what I was doing before leaving me alone to continue on. A sense of humour goes a long way in the everday stress of running your own business and I always found staff easy to talk to and empathetic in situations when I was rather stressed & or frustrated and needing help with something in either program.
We wish Jeal and all its staff all the best for the future it has been a pleasure working with you over the past few years,Regards,
Jo Brown
Customer TestimonialsWhile our business didn’t succeed, my experience with Jeal was a positive one, which I can’t say for a lot of other businesses we dealt with especially in regards to the administration of our dealership. The fact you guys called me on a regular basis asking if I needed any support with your software, I found well above the industry standard, it felt like you guys actually care about your customers. I Can’t say that for the likes of other popular advertisers etc. I endeavour to stay in the industry as an employee and will highly recommend Jeal Computer Services whenever I can. Please pass this email on to management.Kind regards,

Jason Douthwaite
Viper Auto Wholesalers
mob: 0424 141 113

Customer Testimonials

Hello John,

On behalf of David and I, I would like to extend a huge thanks to you and your team for your help on Thursday. We cannot believe the difference those few hours made to our understanding of the system.

Also, could you please clarify our girl’s name – is it Kirsten or Kristen who worked with us? We’d like to arrange something for her and want to make sure we have the right name.

Thanks again for everything…very much appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Noel Veitch | M.A.W Automotive

Customer Testimonials

When looking for options to increase our digital footprint and top of mind awareness in advertising for our Dealership we placed a call to Leah at Jeal. We were given a few options with internet presence and chose to setup with an additional online media advertising company for our vehicle stock. We find the ease of uploading our current stock list and details in conjunction with Jeal Easycars system a simple process and time efficient. We would like to thank Leah and her role in making the process as easy as possible and now our stock being displayed to a whole new group of potential buyers not only locally but Australia Wide.

Thank you,

Darren Mann | Sales Manager – Wholesale 911

Customer TestimonialsHi Julie/ Michael,Just a quick email to say how happy I am with the new website design, it won’t be on line till next Tuesday with but Daniel has done a brilliant job I could not be happier. You were right Julie I can see why you pushed me to go on the new platform and I will consider the SEO stuff once I settle in a little more to the new showroom …..again thanks and chat soon.Kind Regards,

John Deriu | Sales Manager –Dealer Principal – Five Dock Classic

Customer TestimonialsHi Boys,I just had a phone call from a repeat customer and he said “I’ve got to tell you that your webpage is the best I’ve seen, it’s clean and uncluttered and very easy to follow, I take my hat off to your web designer.Pretty good hey,

Kind regards

Maggie Crowell | Penrith Rubber Stamps

Customer TestimonialsDear Michael,Yvonne and I have been moving our office to a bigger room in the house. I found this Jeal “documentation” for the purchase of my first computer, printer and EasyVend Software package in some old papers from 1991.The purchase made a huge difference to the efficiency and accuracy of my business records at the time and saved me, from memory about 8 hours per week on accounting procedures.

The computer is long gone, superceded many times since. The Software has evolved and lives on 20+ years later. A great achievement!

It is still a vital part of my business today.

The biggest challenge is still coming….to incorporate EasyVend into Fonterra’s ( one of the world’s major companies) operating system. That way, I hope EasyVend will live on for another 20 years.

We thought that you might like the old “documentation” for posterity.

Many thanks for your great service and support over the years.


Kevin Hickey

Customer TestimonialsHi Kirsten,My apologies for the delay with this email, but I would like to thank you for your advice and suggestion to install & integrate the EasyCash Pro software to assist our day to day cashbook entries and BAS reporting.Along with your guidance while undertaking our first quarterly BAS statement, we were able to also discover several discrepancies between our product suppliers statements and invoices and our Purchase Orders reconciliation. One of the errors discovered, basically covered the initial cost of the purchase price of the system.

I hope as we learn and understand the system further, we will not have to rely too much on the great support you have rendered Lisa & myself to date.

Regards & Best Wishes

Jon Withers | Coffs Coast Milk

Customer TestimonialsSolved Excellent. Once again the lovely service by Hinna was perfect. I am totally satisfied with the service and respect she provides by taking her time to understand me the client and my uses for the program.I Feel Hinna is a Truly inspirational young talented technician. I can see this technician making her way the ladder in life. Hinna is a pleasure to identify problems with, she looks into programs spot on to identify issues. She is also calm and patient towards helping the customer not only to Learn Programs features, but helps to also make us Understand it. This process can be frustrating trying to teach something over a phone, She does it Really well, she explains in full detail the hows and why something works, so that I can have the full confidence of using the program in my case EasyCars.

A Service like this is cannot be found anywhere in telecommunications help lines anymore, this goes to show your company employs and provides Australia with true blue real support service. I am also glad Jeal provides service by a local Sydney based team unlike others who would transfer the call overseas which is a true embarrassment.

Hinna is a well valued by our team @ bargo motors and in all honesty I feel assured the rest of the team provides the same service as Hinna does.

Please once again I requested for Hinna to be rewarded with something minor, like movie tickets, We are happy to pay for it too as a surprise to her for her really great work. We at Bargo motors believe this service is one of the best. Also not waiting long @ all to speak to a technician helps fixing any of our issues right away as, every time I call its usually instant.

This is my final thank you.

Regards Sales,

Team @ bargomotors

Customer Testimonials
Dear Daniel & Gerard at Jeal,I just wanted to write a few lines to let you know how pleased I am with my webpage and with the changes you did for me. Well, my friends, once again, it’s perfect. I just checked and everything I asked for was done. I just replied to an email from a potential customer and she was so nice, I’ll cut and paste the actual words she used…”I have been researching rubber stamps online, and your website really stood out to me above all the other Australian manufacturers.”I also had another call from a client who commented on how nice and clean looking and simple to use my webpage was. Well done boys, I have to rely on my website for the majority of my business and I am just so chuffed with the positive feedback I am getting.

Kind regards,

Maggie Crowell | www.penrithrubberstamps.com.au

Customer Testimonials
Dear Michael,
We have recently purchased your Easy Cars and Easy Cash software systems and I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the product and the service and support provided by your team.
Prior to using your systems we were using MYOB for our accounting and manually completing the RTA and Department of Fair Trading documentation. We found MYOB to be extremely time consuming and not easily adaptable to the motor industry, especially in the accounting for GST on private versus commercially acquired vehicles. When the time required to complete our basic accounting requirements was added to the other paperwork required for each vehicle it was becoming a nightmare that was impacting our ability to focus on what we are here to do..SELL VEHICLES!We looked into your systems when we opened our business and at the time the costs seemed prohibitive. After trading for 12 months under the manual/MYOB system the costs of software, bookkeeping, accounting and allowing for time taken to manually complete all additional forms your system was shown to be the less expensive option.Easy Cars is such a user friendly system and the fact that it produces and manages all notices of sale, police book requirements and RTA acquisition and disposal notices is a fantastic bonus. The management of stock is so much easier and the ability to easily access reports on all aspects of stock adds real value.Easy Cash makes the accounting side of the business simple and a dream compared to the old MYOB system. The ability to access accurate reports on any aspect from GST liabilities to profit and loss is also a powerful management tool.

The added bonus is the support offered by your team, the ability to call them and be guided through any problems you have is such a help and their patience never fails to impress me. Especially when first using the system the online training and support were invaluable. Thanks to this initial support I am happy to say I bother them less these days but I really can’t commend them enough on their service.

I simply can not believe that difference your systems have made to our business and the day-to-day stress levels. Congratulations on such a great product and thank you for making my life so much easier.

Sharon Varkoly | Director | B.COMM (EC & FIN), AAIBF (SNR) | Shanron (NSW) Pty Limited

Customer Testimonials… all our staff heartly agree that Easy Cars has made their lives much easier than our old antoquated stock card system and MYOB package.
General concensus is Easy Cars is exactly what it says to be and that is “Easy”. We can now supply Bass statements at a single request, complete RTA documents immediately and Finance contracts have never been easier.We have no hesitation in recommending “Easy Cars” to any fellow Car Dealer in the near future.Yours sincerely,

Mr Dennis Morris | Racecourse Motor Co.

Customer Testimonials
Hi Cheryl,
Purchasing Easy Vend for our Milk Distribution Business was one of the
best decisions we made. It is so easy to use and saves us many hours
each day.And thanks to your great staff who are always on hand with their support
and knowledge when I need it.

Tricia Single | Parmalat Food Products Distributor

Customer Testimonials
Hi Julie,
SORRY I can’t help you. I have only been a vendor for 4 years and have always had EasyVend. But I will say I would not have coped without the fantastic support. I have called for help at very late hours of the night, all hours of a weekend and the response has always been the same – a very calm “how can I help you” – the calm and nothing is to much trouble response does wonders for ones frazzled nerves and confidence.Please wish all in the office a Merry phone call free Christmas for me.

Bill Boydell | Wagga Wagga

Customer Testimonials
… After 40 years in the motor trade, I thought it was impossible to find software that would and could actually improve we do business.
I was VERY WRONG!After sampling the entire Easy Cars package (Easy Cars and Easy Cash) our administration office is running more efficently, and it’s made life easier in a simple user friendly way.

Daniel Teller | General Manager | SOUTH MELBOURNE AUTO AUCTIONS

Customer Testimonials
… The Jeal computer system has been the best investment we have made in 16 years of business. It now takes a fraction of the time to book in vechicles compared to the manual system.
The cash book system is great, it saves hours reconciling the accounts.I have no hesitation recommending it to anyone.

Jennifer Levett | OUTDOOR MOTORS

Customer Testimonials
Hi Ben and the staff at Jeal,
Thank you all so very much for your patience and wonderful support during the time I was learning to use Easy Cash. We had a few tricky situations at the beginning ( February was not very good ) but today I have balanced June bank statement by myself.A special thank you to Ben, but also to the others who helped me out over the time. I cannot speak more highly of your service and the professional manner you all showed during some very trying times.Michael, you certainly pick your staff very well and you need to be thanked also for your professional operation.I look forward to many happy times with EasyCars and EasyCash and look forward to printing and anaylysing the reports that will be most useful to our business.

Thank you all,

Karen Shepherd | Office Manager | Affordable Cars and Commercials | Warick, QLD

Customer Testimonials
The dust is slowly settling on the Parmalat Foods Products rollout and I now have some time to review the Project implementation. The project was a massive undertaking, with a very tight timeframe. The EasyVend integration was an important part of the overall project and contributed to the overall success of the Project.
I just want to formally thankyou for the enormous effort that you put in to deliver this for us. I am aware from many conversations with Stephano that the Project had a number of challenges and that you always made yourself available to get it right.Having overall responsibility for the Project, I was very grateful to have people of your calibre involved. Your work, your effort and the professional way you achieved this is very much appreciated.Many thanks,

Geoff O’Donnell | Solution Architect | Project Leader – PFP Order to Cash Parmalat Australia Ltd