Our Company

We are a Sensational software Company employing Sensational Support people. We believe ATTITUDE and RELIABILITY is the most important aspects in business today.

We are a family owned business, trading since 1983. We offer solutions for car dealers, milk, bread & small goods vendors, small businesses, mechanics and the like.

We believe in making a difference to our customers businesses. Jeal stands for value for money, quality, innovation and a sense of competitive challenge.

We deliver a quality service by empowering our employees and really taking notice of what our customers feed back to us.

We pride ourselves on honesty and keeping our promise. We wont promise you the world but what we do promise is what we keep!

Today we are the number one vending and vehicle management software in the Milk and Car industries by far. Over 2500 users have purchased EasyVend and over 900 car dealers have purchased EasyCars.

Jeal Software & Services

Our Software & Services

Provides software which is accurate, simple and specific to our chosen industries. Our support will be fast, accurate and compassionate. We are a Company that people want to work with and within. Our team is proud to be a part of Jeal.

Software Development for specific Industries

Jeal prides itself on a total focus and total commitment to the Motor Industry and the Food and Beverage Distribution.

Over twenty eight years, Jeal has been listening, developing and guiding our chosen Industries through good times, bad times and most importantly through times of change. Our development team produce easy to use, time saving and sales generating software solutions for our chosen industries.

Support Services

Welcome to “The Good Guys” of the industry. Each member of our support team has been chosen for their unique qualities and their ability to over deliver on service. We have a happy, effective team that get on well together so they can give their best for you, our customers.

The nature of our industry is continually changing so training is substantial and continuous. We like to recognize when we need to answer your questions quickly to let you get on with things and when we can spend extra time with you to teach you something extra.

Our Aim is to provide service so good that our customers are left with a smile on their face and they feel it necessary to say “I love dealing with the people at Jeal” weather anybody is listening or not.

Our Team

Our team has a “no problems only solutions” attitude and responds to customers needs with passion. We understand our customers businesses and ensure they get the maximum use / value out of the Jeal product.

The team will only accept user friendly and accurate solutions for our software. Every team member plays a major role in achieving our vision. All team members will display leadership and encourage others to perform at the highest levels in service & quality of work.

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